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Paaro's mission is to meet the currency needs of Africans all
over the world through a reliable marketplace built on the

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Paaro's Solution

Peer to Peer Currency

The Paaro Peer to Peer (P2P) platform is
designed to match customers seeking to
sell or buy foregin currency in selected high
income countries to those looking to buy or
sell foreign currency in low income

Connecting Customer

Essentially the Paaro platform will be
capable of connecting customers looking to
buy USD in Nigeria with those looking to
buy Naira in the United States.

FX Rates

Additionally, FX rates will be determined
solely by demand and supply forces with no
hidden costs, thus ensuring a transparent
price discovery process.

Settlements and Fees

Settlements on each side of the transaction
are made locally in each country.
A variable fee of between 0.2% - 2% is
charged per transaction on each of the side.

Low Transaction Cost

By connecting both sides of the exchange
through P2P, Paaro will essentially cut out
the spread banks and brokers typically make
in such transactions, thus passing these as
cost savings to the customers.


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